Energy Catalytic Reactor® Using the sun's radiation to keep you r premises conditioned day and night
The ECR® has developed a unique method for solar and/or waste heat to be stored indefinately to heat our homes and commercial buildings. ECR® can both heat and cool without the need of either chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) nor hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) as the working fluid, and neither fossil fuel nor electricity to drive them
Heating from Thermal Storage
Storage of solar or waste heat is an environmentally friendly way to bridge the gap between the supply and demand for CO2 emission-free space heating. It is used where and when space heating is needed, and stored when surplus heat is available or when space heating is not needed. Good synergy will be achieved with co-produced heat to storage from new Energy Catalytic Reactor® cooling technology.
The Energy Catalytic Reactor® process is highly effective and has countless potential.
The reactor contains an adsorbent impregnated with a secret cocktail of chemicals that are superior to every other adsorbent previously tested. Technically this adsorbent has a 3 times thermal capacity than Silica Gel and twice its capacity, Zeolites have a better capacity to hold water than silica gel but needs temperatures of 100C to recharge(desorb). In summation we have a product that will work charging and discharging for years and all it requires is you to keep breathing. But there is a humidity control feature held within the system. Energy Catalytic Reactor® simply lets other sustainable systems work better and more efficiently. Energy Catalytic Reactor® minimizes the use of fossil fuels and hence greenhouse gas emissions. Together with hybrid air cooled PV Solar Panels even zero CO2 emissions can be realised. When fully charged the reactor has a potential to hold thousands of KwHr of energy and yet you can touch it and even eat it without any ill effect. This is a totally different type of storage this world needs so badly. For power point presentation please PRESS READ MORE.
Stores Heat all summer
Energy Catalytic Reactor® is a very safe, maintenance free product which can store heat for years in an inert stable form. This enables it to store heat all summer for use in both heating and cooling your premises.
Massive financial gains
With Energy Catalytic Reactor® you can save on heating costs throughout the year and never have to worry about servicing costs or gas leaks.
The Future with Energy Catalytic Reactor®
Energy Catalytic Reactor® uses a process called adsorption to store and release heat. It is a known scientific process which has now been applied with our patented absorbent which finally surpasses all previous attempts to provide an excellent ECO friendly power source - THE SUN
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